Bubbly snot bath

Today I made the first step towards spherical yogurt, an agitate bath. According to molecularrecipes.com I need to mix 7.5 grams of sodium agitate with 32ounces of water and blend with an immersion blender till completely dissolved. I chose a medium size square glass container for this partially so I could see what was going on better.

The first thing I discovered was that I need a better scale. Mine is a pain to zero and it doesn’t measure fractions of grams so I’m just guessing at 7.5 and hoping it doesn’t matter much.
The instructions say blending could take longer than you expect but it only took me 3 minutes, which of course made me wonder if I had done it correctly. Did i mention that I’m an artist not a scientist? The mixed agitate bath now has the texture of bubbly snot. I place the bath into my fridge for the requires 24 hours to allow the air bubbles to dissipate and hope for the best.

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